Friday, November 14, 2008

G20, G7, G-ee this is waste of time...

Dear Investor,

I could write yet another blog on my views, but "fortunately" for me, and "unfortunately for you, I was guest on Bloomberg with Roger Nightgale from Pointon York - not that I said anything interesting but.....:

The Interview include present market themes, China, G-20 outlook.

Safe trading,



gogilesgo said...

whatareyoutalkingabout 'nothing interesting'? Your comments about governments being 'at best harmless, at worst incompetent' was so profound I almost choked on my cornflakes.

Superb stuff, and frankly I'd rather wish Charles Schumer (with regards IndyMac) and George Osbourne (with regards sterling's slide) would follow your advice vis radio silence.

love the blog - keep it up

Anonymous said...

Could you please expand on your last comment on the video about solar energy? It appears you are very bullish on this in spite of Spain's debacle (large consumer).


Re Solar Energy - the Spanish experience is the "de facto" regime right now - what I am talking about is new technology driven by the high Interlectual Capital invested in more green and long term solutions to energy issue will make sure we on the technology side gets better, smaller, efficient way of extracting the solar energy - clearly the present setup is too big, too ineffiecient and the opportunity cost too high to carry long term investment. Read some of the futurist thoughts on this:


Anonymous said...

Steen, thank you for taking the time!